Applicant has lost control of his/her account

Purpose of this article

This article will teach you how to generate a new access code if the applicant has lost the access credentials.

Before you start

Make sure that you have:

  • awareness of your institution’s personal data protection policy

  • the correct administrator permissions (“applicants-view” and “applicants-edit”)

  • gathered sufficient information about the applicant to locate them in your DreamApply system, including:

    • Full name

    • Email address

    • Applicant ID

  • Log in as an administrator with the permissions “applicants-view” and “applicants-edit” (included with the Role “Admissions administrator” in addition to “Superuser”).

  • From the quick Search bar at the top of the page.

  • Search for the applicant using either:

    • Full name

    • Email address

    • Applicant ID

  • Click on their name to open the Applicant card.

  • Follow your institution’s personal data protection procedures to ensure the applicant’s data will not be leaked to malicious actors.

  • Click on the Wrench icon in the top right corner.

  • Click on the “Send new credentials” button.

  • DreamApply offers two different options to recover the password:

    • Option 1 - You can sending a reminder to the email address, applicant use to log in. Click on the button “Send a reminder”

    • Option 2 - If applicant doesn’t have an access on the registered email address, then you can transfer this account to another email address that they can access.

      • Insert the new email address and click on “Transfer the account”
Expected outcome of the instruction

The applicant will be able to log in again after the system generates and sends them a new access code to their registered email address.

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