How to invite all to an interview?

Purpose of this article

To explain the Invite all to an interview feature and how to use it.

Before you start
  • Know what scenario you would like to have asked.

  • Decide which subset of applicants you would like to invite to interview with the given scenario.

Interview all:
  • Log in as admin.

  • Use the Main menu to navigate to: Applications>Browse.

  • Use the side menu to choose a subset of applicants based on:

    • Applicant progress status

    • Offer status

    • Applicant decision

    • Flags

  • (optional) If necessary, narrow the subset of applicants even further by applying Filters based on:

    • Academic term

    • Intake

    • Tracker

    • Region

    • Courses/Programmes by either cherry picking from a list or by:

      • Department

      • Status

      • Type

      • Mode

      • Language

    • Click “Reload” to apply filters.

  • Review list of applicants to ensure the correct subset has been selected.

  • Click “Bulk actions” > “Invite all to an interview”.

  • Select the desired Interview scenario.

  • Double check the subset of applicants by examining the number of applicants which have been selected and ensuring that it makes sense.

  • When ready, click “Send out invitations”

Expected outcome of the instruction

The system will send out invitations of the specified Interview scenario to the set of applicants listed.

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Next steps

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