Comparison of Offer ID vs Applicant ID vs Application ID

Purpose of this article

To help users to understand the differences between Applicants, Applications, and Offers. The concepts contained in this article are especially useful for users who are working with the DreamApply API.

Before you start

Understand that applicants are able to submit more than one application and that it might be possible for a single application to be used to apply for more than one course/programme. As a result, DreamApply as an IT system needs to be able to distinguish between the various offers of the various applications of the various applicant.


  When a user registers in a DreamApply system, an Applicant account is created. This account is assigned a number known as the Applicant ID.

  When an Applicant clicks on an “Apply now!” call to action button, an Application is created. This Application is assigned a number known as the Application ID. The Application ID is attached to the Applicant.

  When an Applicant successfully submits their Application, each course/programme that was included in the Application receives an Offer. Each Offer is assigned a number known as the Offer ID.

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