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How to customise offer types?

Purpose of this article

This article explains how offer statuses can be configured and made ready to fit the workflow of your evaluation process.

Before you start
Make sure that you have
  • the correct administrator permissions (“instance”)

  • analyzed the evaluation process and have a good understanding of your work flow

  • Log in as an administrator with the permission “instance” (included with the Role “Superuser”).

  • From the Main menu, go to System > Offer types.

Activate or deactivate Offer types

  • Toggling the switch on the left side to activate or deactivate Offer types from the list.

Edit Offer types

  • Click on the wrench button to edit the offer types you intend to use.

  • (optional) Change the Offer type’s “Title”. (NB! The default title of the offer statuses will remain hard coded in the system. If you are using DreamApply’s API, the default Title will be used rather than a customized Title.

  • (optional) Choose a color for the status. - this can be helpful to help establish more visual meaning to an Offer type

  • (optional – Ranking addon must be enabled) Choose a “Ranking status” for the Offer type:

    • In quota – useful for final positive Offer types

    • Pending – useful for Offer types which are being used for evaluation, such as “Feedback”, “Ready for exam”, for example.

    • Eliminated – useful for Offer types that have a negative status (unsuccessful, rejected, failed, etc.)

  • Decide the Offer type is for internal use only, or if it is necessary for applicants to be aware of when their offers have been assigned this Offer type.

    • Untick the box for Offer types that are for internal purposes only - it will not be possible to notify the applicant an offer status change to this Offer type.

    • Tick the box to indicate that this offers of this Offer type can be “Confirmed & sent out” to applicants.

      • (optional) Enter a custom Subject line into the “Subject” field. Leaving this blank will use the default Subject line.

      • (optional) Enter custom text below for the template of the email that will be sent to applicants when their offers with this Offer type are “Confirmed & sent out”. Read more here about templates.

        • (optional) Add available Content markers to the text of the email by clicking on the “+ Insert a marker” button. This will take specific data related the offer and dynamically insert it place of the content marker.
      • (optional) Add a Carbon copy - If you want someone to receive a Bcc of every offer of this type, write the email here – useful for archival purposes.

    • Add or remove the possibility for applicants to make a decision on their offers with this Offer type. Read more here about decision making function.

      • If you mark the box under “Decline all offers” then all other offers will be automatically declined once the applicant has made a final decision for an offer of this type.
    • Freezing – Check this box if you would like all data that is in the application to be frozen once they have an offer that receives this Offer type. Read more here about freezing function.

    • Reopen – Check this box if you would like the applicant’s application to reopen when it contains an offer of this Offer type. Useful if applications with an offer of this Offer type will need further attention from the applicants.

    • Silence – Check this box if you would like for the system to stop sending reminders for the application that has an offer of this Offer type.

    • Additional app form questions – Select and appform from the dropdown to have additional questions automatically added to the application when an offer is made (and confirmed) with this Offer type. Read more here about additional appform questions

Expected outcome of the instruction

Once offer statuses are configured, you can start evaluating applications and generating statuses.

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