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Bulk actions

Purpose of this article

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to perform the following bulk actions in the system:

  • Add/Remove flags

  • Freeze/Unfreeze all applications

  • Silence/Un-silence all reminders

  • Before you start

Before you start

    Before performing any of the bulk actions, you should determine which subset of applicants require flag assignment/deletion, freezing/unfreezing, or silencing/unsilencing reminders. Create a relevat flag (Only in case of assigning flags).


Email to all:

    • Log in as admin.

    • Use the Main menu to navigate to: Applications>Browse.

    • Use the side menu to choose a subset of applicants based on:

      • Applicant progress status

      • Offer status

      • Applicant decision

    • (optional) If necessary, narrow the subset of applicants even further by applying Filters based on:

      • Academic term

      • Intake

      • Tracker

      • Region

      • Courses/Programmes by either cherry picking from a list or by:

        • Department

        • Status

        • Type

        • Mode

        • Language

    • Click “Reload” to apply filters.

    • Review list of applicants to ensure the correct subset has been selected.

    • Click on “Bulk actions”

      • Add/Remove flags.

        • New window will show all available flags in the system.

        • Next to the chosen flag click on “Add to all” to assign the flag.

        • By clicking on “X” icon, you can remove the flag from all applications.

        • Refresh page to review the results.

        • Otherwise click “Cancel” to forego taking any action.

      • Freeze all/Unfreeze all.

        • By clicking on “Freeze all applications” or “Un-freeze all applications” button you will confirm the action.
      • Silence all/Un-silence all.

        • Choose a period for how long the reminders should stay silenced.

        • By clicking on “silence all reminders” or “Un-silence all reminders” button you will confirm the action.

      • Close all - This tool allows you to close all currently filtered applications.

Expected outcome of the instruction

By following these steps, you will be able to perform bulk actions on a subset of applicants in the system, including assigning or removing flags, freezing or unfreezing applications, and silencing or unsilencing reminders.

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